Name Guide

Here you will find ideas, suggestions, and recommendations regarding the selection of a character name. The top area is a much abbreviated version for speedier name selection, while the second section is extensive and is intended for players who would like a more roleplaying-intense game. We'd like to remind you that everything within the Guide sections is only suggestions and ideas, not steadfast rules. The only actual rules that apply to character names are as follows:

Your name can only consist of letters.
Your name must be 15 letters or less.
Make sure your name is inoffensive to people of any race, religion, age, or sexual orientation and that it is also G-rated (this is a family mud!)
Obscene or rude names will only get you deleted or banned so don't bother.


Basic Name Guide

We suggest that the name you choose for you new character follows these basic guidelines:

Should not include a title such as Lady, Sir, or The
Should not be a combination of more than one word
Should not include both first and last names (last names can be added later with title)


Advanced Name Guide

The same rules as given in the Basic Name Guide apply, but here are some other suggestions that will probably help you roleplay better:

As far as titles go, keep them out of your name, because you can title yourself whatever you want after you reach a certain level.
Example of what you shouldn't do: Jovialfred, Sirgeorge.

The reason for this is that, not only does Jovialfred sound silly, but Fred, here, will always be stuck being jovial. If Fred were to simply name himself Fred, he could be Jovial Fred one day and Very Sad Fred the next. George on the other hand, can never be anything but a knight. If he left 'Sir' out of his title, he could still be Sir George, for a while, but later he might become Lord George or even King George.

Words that have any kind of present-day theme should be avoided, so keep away from anything about computers or airplanes or blenders. Remember, this mud has a medieval fantasy setting.
Example of what you shouldn't do: Nintendo, Madonna, Xbox, Godsmack

Madonna and Godsmack, by the way, are a no-no on two counts: first of all, someone might consider it offensive in a religious sense, and second, one's a pop star and the other is a music group of the 20th and 21st centuries.
The use of the names of cartoon characters should be considered very carefully.

If you name your character Garfield, people might automatically think of the cat. That's really their own problem, and Garfield is a fine name for a character, but consider the effect your name will have on other adventurers. Also consider that if you want to play a character that is different from his or her namesake, you may have trouble getting others to think of you as an entirely new entity from the cartoon character. If you want to play a character that is the same as its namesake, on the other hand, don't automatically expect everyone to recognize you as that character. Technically, you should have to build that character from scratch. In addition, the name itself should not be related to something modern.

Example of what you shouldn't do: Speedracer
Verbs should be used very very sparingly in character names.
While they are frequently amusing, there are not often very practical or realistic. They also don't leave you a lot of flexibility when it comes to adding titles to your name.
Example of what you shouldn't do: Slap, Punt, Kick

(They can sometimes work, however, in combination with other words, as seen a couple of sections below.)
Most names that are a combination of words sound silly. Like the above combinations of names and titles, other adventurers might have a little trouble taking you seriously. And if you want to roleplay a character that shouldn't be taken seriously, you can probably find a better way to do it.
Example of what you shouldn't do: Mageboy, Happyelf

On the other hand, some combinations are ok.
Examples of good names: Nightwind, Raindancer

These names are often nature-based and sound somewhat American Indian in origin.
Related to the above names are the names that people sometimes make out of nouns. Again, sometimes these are silly and some of them are what would be considered more traditional.
Examples of good names: Rose, Amethyst, Vengeance

Use your judgment and consider how you want other people to see you.
Other kinds of names:
Regular name names like Joanne, Christy, or Ted
Names in another language (can be name names or nouns or anything at all, really except obscene or rude names)
Names of characters in books
Names of mythological entities
Names of concepts (like Vengeance shown above)

If you had already thought of a name that falls into one of the categories of names you shouldn't use, or if you're just looking for a name that maybe no one has heard before, try taking a word or phrase and rearranging the letters until you find a name that you like.

Remember that your name is often a reflection of your character, but it shouldn't give you away. Maybe it should give a hint as to who you are, but using adjectives like 'Happy' or 'Angry' in your name is a little bit overboard for the purpose of good roleplay. Also, sometimes your name doesn't need to be in any way related to the character you are trying to play. Maybe you just really like the name Jeffery and wanted it to be the name of your character.


A final note:

The name you choose is up to you, and the staff will not usually prevent the use of any name unless it is offensive or inappropriate. If you're interested in roleplaying, though, the guidelines listed above should help make your experience much richer and more interesting. Remember, the staff has final say on all aspects of your character's name.


Free Name Resources

(special thanks to Dragon for this section)
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And these are just a few. There are hundreds of websites with millions of names, not to mention hundreds of random and theme name generators available on the internet.

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