Letters from Stormy...

Dear Zifnab,

I know it has been a long time, but better late then never! The Realms have certainly changed a lot since you were last in them! Remember when I reached level 15 and was on the Hero List? Well now the List is for those who are level 100 or more!

Remember the clans when we were both in the Realms? The first one I joined was ZHA (Zombie Haters Anonymous), and even though it had "anonymous" in its name, the way to get over hating zombies was to kill all of them! I don't know whether there were too many zombies or not enough haters, but that clan dissolved after only a year or three. Of course, Solarians was my home for a long time; right after ZHA I went to join them. And the quest to get in was very hard! I had to obtain 3 purple potions from those caves to the north, and that stupid mage kept on killing me! Well, I finally did it, and after just a couple of months, I was elected the leader. Must have been my position on the hero list that convinced them.

I loved the locked vault - no one could enter it without the key. No raids for us! However, all those people leaving messages on our board was certainly distracting. Including you, as I recall! Oh well, I still like the rose you gave me.

You'll never believe how the clans have changed - the ones you remember, they are all gone! No more ZHA, Wanderers, Lunarians, Black Hand... well, even my clan is gone, and yours as well! The tree in the forest no longer leads to certain doom. We have several clans of course, and one of them you might remember, but the rest are new. Times do change!

And the explorers of the Realms have been very busy; so many new cities have been found, even a whole new continent. The known world has more than doubled since you were here. Some of the places you might remember have changed as well! The chessboard has become a forest, (a long story) and so many people were involved in that. It almost became a wasteland, but enough potions were gathered to avert that disaster. There are other places that you just wouldn't recognize from the time you were last here.

Of course, the greatest changes have been the people that are in the Realms. Many old faces are still around, but some have left to make way for new people. Would you believe that the Merfolk have decided to join the people of Pangaea, as have the Vampires! New trainers have entered the realms as well. There's a trainer for singers, one for fast fighters, and another for people that follow evil, instead of good (like paladins do).

It's been really exciting being part of all the changes, new stuff seems to happen all the time! Well I must go, so many things to do...OH! I forgot to tell you the biggest change for me! I'm an Immortal now! I left off being leader of the Solarians to become one of the Immortals in Asgaard. I know, it's still strange for me as well!

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