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The full moon shines brightly over Pangaea, casting deep shadows among the warehouses along the docks. On nights like this, the city gates are locked tight, with extra guards posted. Sane people are asleep in their houses, or drinking in a busy tavern, forgetting the terrors that rove beyond the safety of the city walls.

Dead of Night is a medieval-period, fantasy-themed world whose denizens, when slain, can rise as the undead to walk the night. It offers over 200 hunting areas, many of which are original, for a total of over 13,000 rooms, and new zones are being built all the time. Add to that twelve classes, unlimited multiclassing, and hundreds of skills and spells to learn, and you'll find that there is always something new to try or to explore.

Races include human, dwarf, hobbit, elf, half-elf, gnome, half-orc, and lycanthrope (shifter), as well as the custom races vampire and mer-folk. Classes include warrior, cleric, psionist, shapeshifter, paladin, thief, mage, ranger, and druid, as well as the custom classes bard, monk, and blackguard (anti-paladin).

With a small, friendly playerbase and a constantly improving help system, it's easy to get started. The immortal staff is always listening to player suggestions and looking for new ways to make Dead of Night the best MUD around! Everyone is welcome to apply to become a builder.

Global channels and hundreds of socials make communicating quick and easy, and the clan system allows for players to join existing clans or to start new clans all their own.

The game code is heavily customized from DIKU, and combat and regeneration are continuous rather than incremented. DoN is also home to DoNClient, an entirely custom, free, featureful MUD client that will work with any MUD.

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