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Dead of Night combines its own innovative style with some of the best qualities of Diku, Silly, Renegade Outpost, Forbidden Lands, and others to create a unique and original MUD.  This site is designed to provide information to help you better enjoy, understand, or learn more about the game.  Some of Dead of Night's most interesting features include...
  • Unlimited multi-classing:  Choose any combination of 11 classes, each with its own unique abilities.
  • 10 different races with various strengths and weaknesses.
  • Hundreds of spells and skills to learn.
  • Advancement well beyond the usual 50-level limit.
  • Continuous action:  Events in Dead of Night occur in a constant stream, rather than lumps at a time on arbitrary boundaries. Combat is smooth, and regeneration of hitpoints, mana, and movement is continuous.
  • A unique clan system.
  • An ever-growing, consistent world:  New areas are always appearing to add variety and new opportunities.  All new areas are consistent with the theme of Dead of Night, and most are created by the players themselves. We welcome everyone to apply to become a builder.
  • A friendly and helpful staff:  Immortals on Dead of Night all began as players and are always glad to help old and new players enjoy the game.

To join the players on Dead of Night, just open any telnet program or MUD client and connect to deadofnight.org, port 5000.  If you are new to Dead of Night, or to MUDs in general, take a minute to read some tips on getting started.

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