Here we provide DoNClient, the best mud client I've ever used! OK, so I might be a little biased, but its good all the same.
DoNClient is free for use with DoN or any other mud you desire and provides a broad and increasing feature set, with all good requests from users addressed quickly. DoNClient provides both simplicity for common tasks and the power to do the uncommon.

!!IMPORTANT: Versions 1.2.6-1.2.8 were broken if user wasn't upgrading from 1.2.5 or earlier, if you experienced 'Failed to save settings' errors, please try again with 1.2.9.!!
DoNClient has reached its fifth official release, 1.2.9 I will leave 1.2.9 available here until 1.3 is up, at least that is the plan anyway. AutoUpdates will continue to provide access to the pre official release versions as development continues.

Features at this fifth release include triggers, aliases, buttons, shorcuts(macros), multiple configurations, logging, infinite scrollback, infinite editable comand history, split screen scrolling and connection timer, variable monitors, autocomplete, search window, trigger groups and character management. Also contains an inbuilt media player and MSP support. Triggers can create sound by impersonating MSP commands, further sound trigger support to come soon.
Triggers/aliases range from the simple send commanands with wildcards, through text coloring, multiple windows support and onto full programability basedin c# or the slightly simpler AELF. If there is anything more you need or want, just drop a suggestion in at the forums.

DoNClient is free to use. Support is free to, but limited to whatever support you get by posting in the DoNClient forums. If you like this software enough that you would have bought it, I am willing to accept donations.
For first time users I recommend using the installer, it will ensure that you have .net 2.0 installed and generally save you a bit of hassle. To answer any other questions you might have, I recommend visiting the Support Forum linked below.
When using the program link below, ensure to save to disk, don't run the link directly.
Please send all enquiries to

All downloads hosted on, as it has more bandwidth than this site.